Articles A / AN

Articles A / AN

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Articles A / AN by Mind Map: Articles A / AN

1. -The “U” at the beginning of university sounds like YOU

2. Ruler 1. When the word begins with a voice (a, e, i, o, u), then you should use 'an', it sounds better and it seems more appropriate to say it.

2.1. Examples:

2.1.1. An elephant

2.1.2. An oil

2.1.3. An hour

3. Ruler 2. When the word begins with a consonant you must use 'a'.

3.1. Examples:

3.1.1. A book

3.1.2. A cat

3.1.3. A banana

4. Exceptions

4.1. -The “H” at the beginning of hour is silent

5. Aprende a diferenciar fácilmente A de AN con estos ejemplos - Muy fácil