Underage Drinking

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Underage Drinking by Mind Map: Underage Drinking

1. At the age of 18 you are legally able to make your own choices so you should be able to make your own choice for alcohol consumption.

2. Allowing the age to be lowered would allow 18 year olds the ability to drink in public which would decrease the rate of binge drinking in private.

3. In many countries where the drinking age is 18 there are historically less drinking and driving accidents then there are in the United States which has it's drinking age set to 21.

4. Teens will consume alcohol regardless so when the drinking age is 21 it really does not do much to spend money to crack down on underage drinking.

5. Despite popular belief lowering the drinking age to 18 will not impact the suicide/depression rate.

6. When you lower the drinking age it is much better for the economy because that would be more people that would be buying the product.