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Socio Presentation by Mind Map: Socio Presentation
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Socio Presentation

This is a virtual Mind map for our socio presentation it's a cool way to do a brainstroming but still keep it neat and organised so if you're able to complete and add stuff to it it will be great :)  

shows how people adapt to the different roles they are given in life ,indeed the individuals acted in a way that they thought was required. This suggests that a human being will adapt to any new given role - and that in a very short amount of time in fact .

Stanford Prison Experiment

Why this result?

Sociogical meaning?

Any similar situation?











personality development


Goffman (performances)

who did some reading on Goffman - we have to talk about it or about Freud or the theory of organisation- We'll see on which one we'll talk about depending on which one we have most to say

What is it?

Possible link with Standford?

Socio meaning?

Link to organisation , since this experiment was an institutionalised one ,it made the role seem more real , more legitimate , so that the acting was taken TOO far even priest and lawyer played their professional roles instead of human role - even zimbardo let himself sway into prison director instead of scientist - the gards were so caught up into it that they became sadistic .

Presentation of self- an individual's effort to create specific impressions in the mind of others.

Theory of Organisation

What is it?

Possible link with Standford?

Socio meaning?


all the topics below have micro-socioogy in common. they are all part of it

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