Human Resources Representatives


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Human Resources Representatives by Mind Map: Human Resources Representatives

1. Recruiting

1.1. Screen

1.2. Coordinate Interviews

1.3. Background checks

1.4. Communicate with Candidates

2. Compensation

2.1. Monitor market trends for similar companies

2.2. Budgeting

2.3. Work with and monitor benefits vendors

2.4. Prepare offers for new-hires and promotions

3. Communications

3.1. Advertise Open positions

3.2. Communicate Compensation

3.3. Promote positive company actions internally and externally - Public Relations

3.4. Organize and host internal/external events

3.5. Publish/maintain policies and procedures

4. Employee Relations - Business Partners/Staff Managment

4.1. Obtain Line Management and Employee feedback

4.2. Mediate employee issues

4.3. Line Management coaching

4.4. Identify and organize training requirements

4.5. Align workforce with companies strategic goals