Career Pathway Choices

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Career Pathway Choices by Mind Map: Career Pathway Choices

1. Working Part-Time & Studying Part-Time

1.1. Portfolio Career (2-3 part-time income streams)

2. Moving to a new location

2.1. Expanding your existing network

2.1.1. Create a new network of work contacts New node

3. Transitioning to a related career e.g medicine to allied health professional

3.1. Working for a supplier or client

4. Online Business

4.1. Be prepared for an amazing discovery journey: your destination may not be one that you have planned!!

5. Have we missed any other options?

6. Staying with current employer

6.1. Changing role in current organisation

7. Starting in a new career

7.1. Studying/Upskilling

7.1.1. Doing volunteer work to make career transition New node New node

8. Creating own business

8.1. Working from home

8.1.1. Create Consulting Service New node New node New node New node