Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxay Review

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Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxay Review by Mind Map: Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxay Review

1. Random - links to the theme of the film.

2. Medium shots - on dolphins.

3. Film title, comes through water, from see-through to thick, white font.

4. Production team titles fades into first scene.

4.1. Very small screen. Interesting Narrative Device.

4.1.1. Could be used in 'Big'.

4.2. Voice Over also comes in. Posh accent, appears intillectual.

4.2.1. A guides voice, links with film title.

5. Small, thin, titles, fits with action but noticeable.

6. Theatrical music.

6.1. Dramatic, over the top, the dolphins are putting on a show.

7. Shoots of dolphins doing tricks etc.

7.1. Links with what narrator is saying.

8. Gospel or choir music/sound effects.

8.1. Relaxing, quiet sounds.

8.2. Like whale music, links to dolphins.

9. Sound effect, 'ding', like a game.

9.1. Narrator, bit like a game show host.

10. All captials.

10.1. 'So long and thatnks for all the fish.'

10.1.1. Old fashioned, pac man game, writing. Letters made up of dots.

10.1.2. Final statement of the dolphins.

10.1.3. Comic.

11. Slow motion effect is used on dolphin.

11.1. Part of water shots.

12. High and Low angle shots.

13. Beginning, first two minutes don't really apply to the rest of the film.