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Business Ideas by Mind Map: Business Ideas

1. Gaming streaming service / Virtual Desktop /High Performance IaaS for end users

1.1. Subscription based

1.1.1. Need have white label from managed service provider? How much?

2. High performance and compute for graphic designs

2.1. Contract based

2.1.1. How much to have hosted desktop service with high performance per user?

3. Affiliate website for football tickets

3.1. China

3.2. Australian

3.3. United States

4. Telemarketing

4.1. How much for a website?

4.2. Rates?

4.3. Recruitment?

5. Summer holiday tickets - clubs, bars, boat cruises

5.1. How to get agreements with clubs?

5.2. Advertising?

5.2.1. University campuses

6. API for LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Instagram. To find business contacts for marketing purposes

6.1. Is it possible?

6.2. How much for a developer?

7. Paleo home delivery food service

7.1. How much for website?

7.2. Learn to cook or hire chief?

7.3. How much margin? Prices?

7.4. Advertising?

7.4.1. Gyms

7.4.2. Personal trainer referral programme

7.4.3. Health magazines, websites, blogs

7.4.4. Instagram models