CSV = Economic: TBL returns - joint growth and development

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CSV = Economic: TBL returns - joint growth and development by Mind Map: CSV = Economic: TBL returns - joint growth and development

1. Goals

1.1. Changing how the core business operates strategy, structure, people, processes and rewards

1.2. Makes economic value in a way that also makes social value

1.3. Financial opportunities in social problems

1.4. Links corporate social responsibility and competitive advantage. Solving social problem in new markets

2. Strategies

2.1. Investing in Entry-Level Talent

2.1.1. 4 stages Provide workplace's purposes Create opportunities to learn and growth Invest in HR Makes benefits relevant

2.1.2. Advantages Cut cost Stronger working skills Higher productivity and employee's commitment Excellent customers' experiences Strengthen attractive to attract more talented

2.2. Collective Impact - framework

2.2.1. Principles Priority: equity Include community members in the collaboratives Cross-sector partners Continuous improvement Unique system leadership skills System strategies Culture change Local context

2.2.2. Tensions facing partnering vs. pushing inclusiveness vs. expediency balancing organizational vs. community goals

2.2.3. Evaluation - leaders multi-faceted, responsive, flexible

3. Measurement

3.1. Well-developed shared value strategy

4. Advantages. Driving forces

4.1. Expanding markets

4.2. The more closely tied a social issue = the greater opportunity to increase firm’s resources

4.3. Innovations

4.4. Efficiency

4.5. Differentiation

4.6. Foster economic and social development

4.7. Restore faith in business/market

5. Disadvantages. Offtracks

5.1. Ability to capture economic benefits of social progress

5.2. An authentic purpose is specific

5.3. Guides strategy and choices widely shared and understood throughout the corporation and beyond

5.4. Need standard ways to communicate

6. Methods: 3 ways

6.1. Reconceiving products and markets in ways customer needs while also contributing to the society

6.2. Redefining productivity in the value chain through social or environmental innovation

6.3. Enabling local cluster development