IJS 1st U Planning 2019

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IJS 1st U Planning 2019 by Mind Map: IJS 1st U Planning 2019

1. Mission and Goals

2. 1. Intent of Group

3. 2. What is Group Achieving?

3.1. See other mind map???

3.2. See detailed Mind Map

4. 3. How are we achieving?

4.1. Using Love Resists - 4 Elements

5. 4. What do church members get out of it?

5.1. In the past, learning opportunities.

5.2. Limited volunteer/service opportunities to date.

5.3. Opportunity to confront our privileged

5.4. Realize our UU faith requires that we move outside our church walls

5.5. Engage in our own liberation, by working for the liberation of others

6. 5. How to Strengthen?

6.1. Strengthen ISM to provide action opportunities for 1st U members.

6.2. More Education opportunities

6.3. Sustained Ministerial Support

7. 6. How do people get invited?

7.1. More personal asks to get involved

8. 7. How are people invited into...

8.1. Relationship

8.2. Leadership

8.3. Sharing gifts