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AEUS-REQ-000698/9 by Mind Map: AEUS-REQ-000698/9

1. Resources

1.1. Towers involved: Networking team+ PM+DirSvc+Storage+ AECOM+3rdPty

1.2. Budget: USD 196K+ Hardware

2. Risk

2.1. Schedule

2.1.1. Hardware Delay

2.1.2. Resource Constraint (IBM/AECOM)

2.2. Budget

2.2.1. ?

3. Schedule

3.1. Hardware Delivery

3.1.1. In Progress (looking for partial delivery)

3.1.2. Full Delivery ETA: March/27

3.2. Site Priority

3.2.1. USTPA1 Tampa USLVL1 Louisville USBAL2 Baltimore USCSK1 Conshohocken USGRR01 Grand Rapids USTVC1 Traverse City USCLM3 Columbia USCHA3 Charlotte USSLC2 Salt Lake City USPOR1 Portland USCSP2 Colorado Spring USGRM2 GermanTown USCLF1 Clfton USANP2 Annapolis Junction USARL4 Arlington

3.3. Implementation Plan

3.3.1. April: + Tampa + Lousville

3.3.2. May +Baltimore +Conshohocken + Grand Rapids + Traverse City

3.3.3. June: + Columbia + Charlotte + Salt Lake City + Portland + Colorado Spring

3.3.4. July: + GermanTown + Clfton + Annapolis Junction + Arlington

4. Scope

4.1. The goal is to upgrade the infrastructure comprised of routers, core, switches and access points prior to SD-WAN implementation by AECOM (Verizon).