Cont. Improvement

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Cont. Improvement by Mind Map: Cont. Improvement

1. Tools

1.1. 6 sigma

1.1.1. DMAIC

1.2. Lean

1.2.1. Value Stream mapping Process mapping assign data Processing time waiting time Cost resources Risk Systems

1.2.2. Fishbone

1.2.3. 5 Whys

2. When?

2.1. @ Fixed times

2.1.1. After every Q-report

2.1.2. Annual Client survey

2.1.3. Annually staff survey

2.2. When ideas come fwd

2.2.1. When one proposes an idea either goes to the backlog or -if really good- is prioritized and acted upon

2.3. When a problem appears

2.4. Audit findings

3. How? (6σ method w/ Lean tools)

3.1. Define the problem

3.1.1. Generic: Problem selection and benefit analysis

3.1.2. Define the problem to be solved, including customer impact and potential benefits

3.2. Measure current baselines

3.2.1. Generic: Translation of the problem into a measurable form, and measurement of the current situation

3.2.2. Identify the critical-to-quality characteristics (CTQs) of the service. Verify measurement capability. Baseline the current defect rate and set goals for improvement. This phase is concerned with selecting one or more product characteristics; i.e. dependent variables, mapping the respective process, making the necessary measurements, recording the results on process “control cards,” and estimating the short- and long-term process capability

3.3. Analyze (Lean tools)

3.3.1. Generic: Identification of influence factors and causes that determine the behaviour

3.3.2. List causes, identify key process variables that cause issues

3.3.3. Prioritize causes

3.3.4. Id influences input vs outputs

3.3.5. Bench marking the key product performance metrics

3.4. Improve (& implement)

3.4.1. Generic: Design and implementation of adjustments to the process to improve the performance

3.4.2. Determine how to intervene in the process to significantly reduce the defect levels

3.4.3. Generating, selecting, and implementing solutions

3.5. Control improvements

3.5.1. Generic: Adjustment of the process management and control system in order that improvements are sustainable

3.5.2. Implement ongoing measures and actions to sustain improvement

3.5.3. Once the desired improvements have been made, put a system into place to ensure the improvements are sustained, even though significant resources may no longer be focused on the problem.

3.6. Share knowledge & replicate

4. Project management

5. Who

5.1. Process owner

5.1.1. Risk

5.1.2. Compliance

5.2. Quality assurance facilitator

6. Where

6.1. The platform to store and prioritize change ideas should be MS Teams which can be customized and is available. Also a simple solution.

7. Why

7.1. improving existing services (Focused on debt transactions)

7.1.1. Improve efficiency

7.1.2. Improve service delivery

7.1.3. Improve control