My Career Skills Map!

2nd Period

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My Career Skills Map! by Mind Map: My Career Skills Map!

1. Architect

1.1. Values: The structural material honesty and organic design.

1.2. Skills: Analytical thinking skills and knowledge of construction.

1.3. Qualities: Passion and building confidence.

2. Football Player

2.1. Values: Respect and Intergrity.

2.2. Skills: Blocking Your Opponent and Catching the Ball.

2.3. Qualities: Seperation Speed and flexibility.

3. Marketing

3.1. Values: The functionality and features.

3.2. Skills: Proposing new products and services, and Composing direct marketing communications.

3.3. Qualities: Need analytical and decision-making skills.

4. Basketball Player

4.1. Values: Help others and be true to yourself.

4.2. Skills: Shooting, Defense, and Dribbling.

4.3. Qualities: Being coachable and be passionate.

5. Graphic Designer

5.1. Values: Ability to take criticism and problem solve.

5.2. Skills: communicate ideas through text or images and creative thinkers.

5.3. Qualities: Works well as part of a team and with technology.