LS 5233 Durst CT Application

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LS 5233 Durst CT Application by Mind Map: LS 5233 Durst CT Application

1. Algorithm design: Sarah comes up with a party idea that could include both locations. She suggests to her daughter that she keep her party to only her 2 best friends and they go to Altitude and see the Lego 2 movie. This way her daughter can experience both party ideas with her best friends. The total cost would end up $70.35. This allows the daughter to go to both places while Sarah is able to save money.

1.1. Rationale:

2. Problem Statement: Sarah is trying to plan a birthday party for her daughter's 10th birthday. The more money she can save in the process, the better. Her daughter can't seem to decide between wanting a party at Altitude Trampoline Park or going with friends to see the new Lego 2 movie. There are 2 best friends and 6 acquaintances she is hoping to invite. How does Sarah decide which party to throw? A trampoline park or movie theatre party?

3. Pattern recognition: Sarah begins to notice patterns in the two locations. The bigger the party, the higher the cost. The Altitude search showed that group parties had to include payment for a minimum of 10 jumpers. Total cost, not including food, would be $209.95. Even with only 9 kids at the party, Sarah would have to pay for 10. Individuals can jump at Altitude for the price of $12.95 for 1 hour or $20.95 for two hours. The theatre results revealed that individual tickets would be $10.50 each, for a total of $94.50 for all 9 kids.

3.1. Rationale:

4. Decomposition: First, Sarah needs to separate the main problem into smaller parts. She will begin by researching both locations individually in order to compare what the price of a party would be. She will use Google to search party packages at Altitude and to also search the average ticket price for theatres in their area.

4.1. Rationale:

5. Abstraction:

5.1. Rationale: