Computer's Input and Output Devices

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Computer's Input and Output Devices by Mind Map: Computer's Input and Output Devices

1. Output Devices: These devices are used to carry the informarion from your computer and display the information on paper, on the screen or througth the speakers. The challenge would be to find software for those who have special needs.

2. Output device - Printer: The printer is used to transfer date and graphics out of the computer.

3. Output Device = Monitor: It will display information from the computer on a screen.

4. Output Device = Speakers: They can used to hear music, see movies or hear presentations from the website or within stored information on the computer.

5. All Input devices can be used by students to accessing icons, images, graphis, and the availailty to input information in the computer. Some of the challenges in using these can be the mobility of some users. Therefore, in selecting equipment, you will need to make sure there are other input devices that can be used for all users.

6. Input Device - Keyboard: This device is used to input data in the computer. It also has keys that can be used. It is just like the keyboard on a typewriter.

7. Input Device - Mouse: This deviceiw used to move objects on a screen, point to items on a screen, easy access instead of clicking buttons.

8. Input Device - Joysticks: To play games.