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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Formative

1.1. Gathering evidence of the students leaning to help provide feedback for the teacher. This allows them to adjust their instruction strategies if needed

1.1.1. Quiz

1.1.2. Discussion

2. Intermin/Benchmark

2.1. An assessment teacher use as a form to evaluate where students are in their leanings progress and determine if they are on track to perform well on future assessments such as the end of-course exams.

2.1.1. Standardized Test

2.1.2. End of course exams

3. Summative

3.1. assessments that evaluates the students learning at the end of a unit compared to standards. Usually high point value

3.1.1. State assessments

3.1.2. Final Project

4. Performance

4.1. An assessment that requires performance, meaning working out their problem rather than answer choice test.

4.1.1. Presentations

4.1.2. Portfolio

5. Diagnostic

5.1. a form of preassessment that allows a teacher to determine an individual student’s strength, weakness, knowledge, and skills from prior instructions.

5.1.1. Pre-tests

5.1.2. Teacher Questioning

6. H.O.T Questions

6.1. Opening Questions:

6.1.1. Based on the cover, can you tell if this book is fiction or non-fiction?

6.1.2. Have you ever been late to school? Does what you see on the cover look like something that has ever happened to you?

6.2. Guided Questions:

6.2.1. The little girl is going on and on about her trip to visit the Norbots but the teacher doesn't seem to believe her, why is that?

6.2.2. The teacher gets scared when she notices what about the little girls backpack?

6.3. Closing Questions:

6.3.1. What was the purpose of this book?

6.3.2. Based on all the events that occurred, is this this a true story?