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Paramedic by Mind Map: Paramedic

1. Does ACC have a paramedics program?

1.1. If so, what are the prerequisites before getting into the program?

1.2. Possible Source: ACC Website/ Health Sciences Degrees

1.3. Any other education/testing needed to become a paramedic?

2. What is the average salary for Paramedics in Austin?

2.1. Possible Sources: US News: Money,, Payscale, goodcall data center

2.2. Best locations to be a Paramedic

2.3. Would it pay more to be an ER Nurse

3. Job Responsibilities

3.1. Possible Source:

3.2. Difference between Paramedic and EMT

3.3. Schedule/Shift

4. Job Outlook

4.1. Possible Sources:,

4.2. What else? ER Nurse

4.3. Job Prospect