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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Diagnostic

1.1. Definition:Diagnostic assessments is a form of pre-assessment. It is meant for teachers to learn about the student's strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, and skills prior to instruction. It is to diagnose student difficulties and guide lesson planning.

1.1.1. KWL Chart: Is a graphic organizer that helps organize student's information on before, during ,and after a lesson unit.

1.1.2. Running Records: Is a method of assessing a student's reading level.

2. Formative

2.1. Definition: Formative assessment is a form of assessing students. The goal for this type of assessment is to collect data and use this information to adjust instruction and student learning, while it is happening.

2.1.1. Think-Pair-Share: Teacher asks students a question. Students write down their answer and discuss their responses with a partner. The teacher facilitates and hears conversations to check student's level of understanding.

2.1.2. Exit/Admin Tickets: Students write down on a small piece of paper or flashcard about the main idea of the day's lesson. This is quick glimpse of what they learned, what they continue to struggle on, and how they felt about the day's lesson.

3. Performance

3.1. Definition: A performance assessment is a form of assessment that is not like the traditional one of answering questions or completing a test. This requires a student to perform or conduct a task.

3.1.1. Presentations: Students can create a PowerPoint or Google Slides to provide information, teach a skills, show progress, or persuade others.

3.1.2. Dramatic Performances; Students work collaboratively to create. perform, and provide a critical response.

4. Interim/Benchmark

4.1. Definition: Interim/Benchmark assessments is to inform teachers of where students stand in their learning and if they are keeping up with their learning.

4.1.1. STAAR: It measures student progress and provides data that parents, teachers, and students can use to improve academic learning.

4.1.2. TELPAS: Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System measures student achievement.

5. HOT Questions

5.1. Opening

5.1.1. What type of text is this story?

5.1.2. What can you predict this book may be about?

5.2. Guiding

5.2.1. What information from the text tells you about the relationship Cinderella has with her sisters?

5.2.2. How does Cinderella react to her sisters behavior towards her?

5.3. Closing

5.3.1. What would happen if we all behaved like Cinderella's step sisters?

5.3.2. What is the moral of the story? How can this help us in life?

6. Summative

6.1. Definition: Summative assessment is to evaluate student learning at the end of an instructional unit. This is often compared to standard tests.

6.1.1. Midterm Exams: Is an exam that is given in the middle of grading time. Students demonstrate what they have learned thus far.

6.1.2. Final Project: It is an ideal platform to show comprehension of the unit. A student showcases all that he/she has learned.