1960's Hippie culture

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1960's Hippie culture by Mind Map: 1960's Hippie culture

1. Music

1.1. They would follow their favorite bands across the country

2. How are Hippies looked at now a days compared to the 1960's

2.1. Hippies where looked at as social drop outs to mainstream values

2.2. people had little respect for them and looked at them as dirty hippies and drug addicts

2.3. today people see hippies as either someone who has good values, healthy life style, doesn't follow social norms. Or they are seen as someone doing it for the fashion, related to social media.

3. Beliefs

3.1. Wanted peace and love

3.2. Were against the Veitnam war

3.3. didn't want hate or violence

3.4. Rejected middle class values

3.5. Opposed to nuclear war fair

4. Summer of love

4.1. as many as 100,000 young men and women where there

4.2. summer of 1967 in San Francisco's neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury.

5. proficiency

5.1. 1: 1A purposeful communication, 1B use evidence, 2B integrate knowledge, 3D claims and beliefs, 4D respect diversity.

5.2. 2: 2E demonstrate flexibility, 2F analyze the accuracy, bias and usefulness of info.

6. Drug use

6.1. took large amounts of LSD/Acid

6.2. Smoked pot/weed

6.3. Also took other psychedelic drugs such as shrooms, peyote, psilocybin

6.4. they believed these psychedelic drugs provided spiritual enlightenment, and better sex

7. Work Cited

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8. q