Distributed Database Architecture

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Distributed Database Architecture by Mind Map: Distributed Database Architecture

1. client server

1.1. client

1.1.1. client process sends query to server process

1.2. server

1.2.1. it manages data and executes transaction

1.3. Advantages

1.3.1. The functions are clearly assigned to client and server

1.3.2. The server is centralized

1.4. Disadvantage

1.4.1. To reduce communication overhead client-side caching techniques must be applied

1.4.2. The client is more complex

2. Collaborating server

2.1. Due to complex nature of client in client server architecture collaborating server was evolved

2.2. Advantages

2.2.1. 1. it overcomes the problmes of client server architecture

2.3. Disadvantages

2.3.1. 1.Cost of Network communication

3. Middleware System

3.1. The single query spans multiple servers

3.2. Middleware is software between servers

3.3. Advantages

3.3.1. it tries to extend the basic capabilities of systems

3.3.2. It integrates several legacy systems

3.4. Disadvantages

3.4.1. it does not maintain any data with itself