i am a Creative Thinker

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i am a Creative Thinker by Mind Map: i am a Creative Thinker

1. why creative thinking

1.1. i think i am a creative person and i love doing things out side of the normall.

1.1.1. i think this since in the past during project i always find diffrent way to show my work.

2. what i have done in creative thinking

2.1. i always like coming up with creative ways to do things

2.1.1. during school work and project i like to show learning in different ways, not just the normal power point or poster board i like to make something

3. what creative thinking would do for me in real life

3.1. i find that people who want to hire someone, always want to see a creative side of them. some boss would find it useful.

4. what Creative thinking have i dont this year

4.1. i did creative thinking in science, when we had to make our own experiment. i was also is digital media and it was alot of art making and modeling things that you wanted to