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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Coworker: She goes to school at UBC and could potentially get me in contact with a professor if I had questions about a specific program.

2. Mr Nickel: He is my digital teacher and definitely has many connections to different careers. I could see if he has any suggestions for me.

3. My mom: My mom works at a very local business and knows many people who also run business locally.

4. My friends Taysia, Connor, and Steven: Some of my friends work at McDonald's and could put a good word if for me if I was looking for a job there.

5. Family Friend Viiga: I know Viiga has lived in Lake Country for a very long time and she has worked at multiple orchards and green houses. She could definitely connect me with someone if I'm looking for a summer job.

6. My Grandparents: They work at a mine in the Yukon and know many people also working up there for scientific purposes. I could potentially get in contact with one of them and learn more about field work.

7. My Uncles: My uncles are both police officers and I could learn a lot about the industry from them.

8. My friend Rio: My friend Rio takes photography and technology very serious and I could ask him about any connections he has and any potential job shadows he might suggest.

9. Mrs Cornock: She is my history teacher and I'm really interested in teaching and social studies so she could definitely give me some connections or even some advice.

10. Mrs Vernet: My Art teacher would definitely know about any gallery openings or art opportunities happening, I could ask her if anything is coming up.

11. My friends parents: They own a cleaning company that my friend usually works for so I could potentially get a job with them if I wanted to.

12. Geologist: I know of a Geologist at UBC and I would love to hear more about the career if I got in contact with him.

13. Photographer: I would love to talk to a professional photography to learn more about the industry and what schooling you would need.

14. Geography Professure: I know of a geography proffesure at OKC who I would like to talk to about what geography courses would help me with because Im intrested in the subject

15. Animator: Animation and story boarding is something I'm interested in and it could be cool to get in contact with an animation student or someone similar and talk about what career paths that could lead to.

16. Chef: I have connections with waitresses and it could be cool to see if I could get connected with a chef and see what its all about because I'm pretty interested in it.