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Binding & Loosing by Mind Map: Binding & Loosing
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Binding & Loosing


There are many reasons why we are unlearned in the Ways of God. The church allowed Satan through the centuries to take away many of the true teachings of God.

you need to be very thankful to God for bringing you in to this realm of the spirit world.

JESUS as the Baptizer of the Holy Spirit, Healer of Our Bodies and Deliver from Demons,


What does binding do?

What can we be bound by?

What can we bind?

What can we loose?

the bands of wickedness and heavy burdens

the forces of evil from ourselves and others

What can we agree on and it will happen?

Is there more power or quickness to answer the prayer when there are more people agreeing?

to overcome the forces of evil

How do we know what to bind?

How can we identify it?

Where in Scripture does it give us clues?

What increases the power of loosing and binding?










DELIVERANCE, we agree to get rid of the demons in a person's body: flesh and soul. Then, we bind up the forces of the demons so that they can not manifest or harm anyone. Finally, we cast out the demons in JESUS' Name out of the person's body into dry places. Now the demons are on the outside of the body and the person must guard against letting the demons come back into his/her body by wrong actions.

If Satan can not make you do anything, then why are people controlled by demons in some areas of their lives?

The answer is that their ancestors or themselves have yielded to the Devil in these areas enough times that the demons have a strong affect in these areas on the people's lives.

Rabbinic Metaphor Possibility

The binding and loosing were a rabbinic notion that had two significations: to provide rules or to discipline. Both meanings are given in the direct context of the given texts.