Binding & Loosing

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Binding & Loosing by Mind Map: Binding & Loosing

1. Mentality

1.1. There are many reasons why we are unlearned in the Ways of God. The church allowed Satan through the centuries to take away many of the true teachings of God.

1.1.1. Prosperity

1.1.2. Healing

1.1.3. Binding Poverty Lust New node

1.1.4. Loosing Sound Mind Opportunities Incredible Investments Financial Stewardship Prosperity

1.2. you need to be very thankful to God for bringing you in to this realm of the spirit world.

1.3. JESUS as the Baptizer of the Holy Spirit, Healer of Our Bodies and Deliver from Demons,


2.1. What does binding do?

2.1.1. Paralyze Temporarily Binding is a temporary measure and must be repeated probably daily. When you bind a demon, you paralyze it temporarily. The demon does not leave but remains dormant for an unknown period of time. If you don't cast the demon out, you will be daily binding it for the rest of your life. It is easier to live with your demons on the outside than with your demons on the inside.

2.1.2. EXAMPLE Addiction

2.2. What can we be bound by?

2.2.1. bound by marriage before God and man.

2.2.2. bound to give thanks.

2.2.3. Satan and his forces of evil can place boundaries on us such as sickness

2.2.4. bound by our spirits

2.2.5. We can be bound with curses we have placed on ourselves. What kind of curses can we place on ourselves?

2.3. What can we bind?

2.3.1. can bind (or bound) our soul with our words.

2.3.2. can bind the Word of God on our hearts.

2.3.3. can bind up the brokenhearted and set at liberty those that are in spiritual prisons

2.3.4. can bind Satan, the strong man, and tear up his playhouse in this world and in Christians.

2.3.5. can destroy the works of Satan using the weapons of God: binding, loosing and agreeing

2.3.6. can bind the forces of evil from ourselves and others.

2.3.7. the forces of evil here on earth. God will then bind the forces of evil in Heaven that affect us here on earth.

2.3.8. we want to complete the job and eliminate the source of the problem when we can. This means that we agree on the job to be done, bind the forces of the enemy, and finally loose the forces of evil from the person.

3. What can we loose?

3.1. the bands of wickedness and heavy burdens

3.2. the forces of evil from ourselves and others

4. What can we agree on and it will happen?

4.1. Is there more power or quickness to answer the prayer when there are more people agreeing?

4.1.1. What's the threshold for blessings multiplied?

4.2. to overcome the forces of evil

5. How do we know what to bind?

5.1. How can we identify it?

5.2. Where in Scripture does it give us clues?

5.2.1. Matthew 18:18-20 Agree = will be Done Agree - Agreed - Agreement Bind = will be Bound Bind - Binding Bound - Bounds Loose = will be Loosed Loose - Loosed

6. What increases the power of loosing and binding?

6.1. Agreement

6.2. Deliverance

7. Action

7.1. Prayer

7.1.1. PRAYER - "Father, forgive me where I have misunderstood and misapplied Your Word. Help me to truly understand the Principles of the Bible especially in the areas of Agreeing, Binding and Loosing. Help me to meet Your Requirements so that I will have Your Power to destroy the works of the enemy. Forgive me where I have made mistakes in tactics in the war against Satan. Forgive me when I said "The Devil made me do it". Help me not to be my own worst enemy. Lord, I now pray for myself, this DELIVERANCE service and this camp meeting. Please have your way in my life and the lives of others so that we can be set free. I agree with all provisions in the Bible. I agree with God, with those present and with those who pray for the Camp. We agree to DELIVERANCE from the demons in those present. We bind the forces of demons inside and outside of anyone present. We loose ourselves from the demons and command that they come out of our bodies and souls. We ask these things in the Name of JESUS CHRIST, our Lord, Master and Savior. Amen."

7.2. Responsibility


8. Sources

8.1. DemonBuster


9.1. Deliverance

9.1.1. Example

9.2. If Satan can not make you do anything, then why are people controlled by demons in some areas of their lives?

10. Rabbinic Metaphor Possibility

10.1. The binding and loosing were a rabbinic notion that had two significations: to provide rules or to discipline. Both meanings are given in the direct context of the given texts.

10.1.1. Mat 18: 15-17