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HTML5 bleeding edge features, Ido Green, GDD by Mind Map: HTML5 bleeding edge features, Ido Green, GDD
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HTML5 bleeding edge features, Ido Green, GDD


Ido Green

Chrome developers advocate with Google


+Ido Green

talk hashtag


Intelligent API



browser understands that it's only required when the tab is visible, there's also a visibility API


prerender pages

limitations, browser not committing to succeed, there's a cap on the resources, so, do it when very likely the user will go there

online/offline events

add listener, online, know that you can cache things, offline, know that you need to use cache

Web Intents

motivation, there are many API's for everything, provide thin layer for, service providers describe their API, developers that can offer users to choose a provider

how, service registers itself, App requests to start an action, User selects which service to handle the action, 2 way communication between client & service provider

similar intents system exists in Android

Rich multimedia

Camera & Mic access

video elements allows recording

you can do things with the recorded data

Fullscreen content


browser engine support, without plugins

API, break the "dial" paradign, full-duplex, for, gaming, collaboration, Khan Academy, robots

Web Audio API

low-level audio manipulation, also in real-time



Chrome Frame

get chrome inside IE, without administrator-rights install

just add meta header