Al-Andalus 711-1492

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Al-Andalus 711-1492 by Mind Map: Al-Andalus 711-1492

1. Life and Society

1.1. Arab Islamic was part of the biggest trade.

1.1.1. Spain was part of a vast empire for five centuries

1.1.2. included many people from other cultures. other cultures shared ideas

1.1.3. Spain, Egypt, Syria, Zanzibar and Indonesia.

1.2. Muslim rich merchants and rulers supported the art.

1.2.1. music and art reflected to Islamic values.

2. Religious Tolerance

2.1. The Muslim Spanish were relatively tolerant of religious minorities.

2.1.1. The Reconquista was a war based on religious differences between the Spanish Christians and the Islamic Muslims.

2.1.2. By the early 1000's the caliphate (Islamic Rulers) began to decline.

2.2. I instruct you on behalf of the people who have been given protection in the name of Allah and His Prophet. As our covenant to them must be fulfilled, we must fight to protect them, and they must not be burdened beyond their capabilities.

3. Centers Of Learning

3.1. Learning was greatly valued by Muslim society.

3.1.1. became great centers of learning. Muslim Spain Notably Cardobra Seville Granada

3.2. worlds first university was in Cairo.

3.2.1. the university was established in 971. 200 years before Europe's university.

3.3. Scholars studied and discussed

3.3.1. Muslim studied medicine and science.

3.3.2. Muslims and Jewish translated books and essays that where Ancient Greek.

3.3.3. Islamic knew tons of more about natural science.

4. Al-Andalus, Muslim Spain

4.1. everybody in Spain was Christian.

4.2. Spain was ruled by Visigoths.

4.2.1. people who invaded Spain from the north.

4.2.2. happened of the end of Roman Empire.

4.3. Tiriq ibn-Ziyad crossed the strait of Gibraltar.

4.3.1. entered Spain and Portugal built a large mosque in Cordoba.

5. When the Muslims invaded Spain the reduced the christian population to the north along the coast of Spain. But these places began to rebel and move further south, to requinquer Spain, and so the Reconquista begin. It was a war based on religious difference, and during the Reconquista the Spanish created one of the most powerful armies in Europe with some of the most well put together military tactics. The conflict lasted over eight hundred years. Many christian crusaders came from all over Europe to help the Spanish christian forces win territory from the Muslims. By 1269, the only part of spain that was in Muslim hands was Granada. Granada was then captured on the 2nd of January 1492, after ten years of fighting. From the Pyrenees Mountains in the north to the Rock of Gibraltar in the south, Spain was now a Christian land. After the war the Spanish people had lost many of their financial skills, and growth was hard in the late 1400’s. The Reconquista was a hard period of time for Spain and its people. But Spain succeeded in capturing what was once theirs.