Addison Poulsen (Me)

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Addison Poulsen (Me) by Mind Map: Addison Poulsen (Me)

1. Jayme works as a nurse and is married to Reese (cousin)

1.1. Reese works for BC hydro and said i could come for a ride along to anytime to expand my knowledge.

1.1.1. bosses from bc hydro and people doing the hiring

2. Zoey - YouTuber could expand my love in film and photography

2.1. zoey knows many people through the places she has traveled and they could help me get around while traveling as well

3. ren my friend, ren has many connections with family. and lives at home

3.1. Mike owns the brick in peace river and would be able to put a good word in

3.1.1. The Brick · Founder Bill Comrie- if i could meet bill id be able to get a chance to open up my very own brick

4. Uncle brian worked at save on foods and has many family connections

5. Tia Chereski ( mom ) works as a massage Theipist and has many community connections

5.1. Nicola (cousin) she has good family connections and very connected in the community

5.1.1. Ryan (Nicola's fiance) firefighter in north vancouver and could get in a couple ride alongs and such

6. Keaton hopf- mutral friend with many family connections

6.1. Greg Hopf keatons dad and old hockey coach runs a counue trip company and could get me a spot because this is the direction i want to go into

6.1.1. opens more doors to get into the outdoor activity guide area through meeting people Greg works with