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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My old coaches (Rob Law, Derek Renneberg) have taught me good work ethic and how to be a leader.

1.1. My Doctor: Doctor Lewke is a very good doctor that has helped me when I need help with my body.

2. My grandparents think about me lots and do as much as they can to support me and what I want to do.

2.1. Danny Watkins is former student at MBSS and a Fire Fighter that I can quickly reach out to when in need of Fire Fighting assistance or schooling assistance in the USA.

3. My friends (Jaden, Matt, , Nyomi, and more) have always been there for me and support me. My friends have given me advice when I need them and they always find a way.

3.1. Other close friends (Nem, Ronnel, Aidan) have helped me become a very positive person, and influenced me to be like them in many ways.

3.1.1. My Home Room teacher: Mrs Fagan helped me in middle school at CNB. She was a great influence on me and helped me with my actions.

4. One of my teachers (David Marks) have given me good advice in the classroom. Mr. Marks has given me good reflections in Fire Academy, he's shown me many skills and has built me into a better person.

4.1. Another one of my teachers (Mr. Ennis) has helped me in English the most out of any other teacher I've had. English has always been a difficult course, although Mr. Ennis has made it much easier.

4.1.1. My counselor: Mrs. Dobin is my high school counselor that has always been there and supported me with my academic passions.

5. My Family(Randy my dad, Susy my mom, Kyle my brother) have always been giving me positive advice and look out for me. My parents always get me to where I need to be. They always give it there all for me.

6. My head coach Evan Bailey who I see 5 days a week helps me improve my baseball skills. Coach Bailey has told me where I need to improve and has made me a more successful individual.

7. My schooling is my main resource that makes me a better individual 5 days a week. I learn something new everyday that I can put into my life. School is my main resource and always will be

7.1. My Manager: Sara has given me tons of advice and taught me lots working at Superstore.

7.1.1. My Fire fighter Captain: Captain Rose is one of the greatest captains I could ask for. Him and his other Fire fighters have taught me many skills to build a great junior Fire Fighter.