Self - directed learning

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Self - directed learning by Mind Map: Self - directed learning

1. Students are increasingly expected to work in groups on projects and assingments

2. Teacher gives the resources to students for solving questions

3. Facilitate the learning process

4. Application of the newly acquired knowledge

5. Study to formulate the answer of the question

6. Identification of the information required

7. analysis of the problem

8. Problem based learning

9. Independent learning

10. Integration and relevance of knowledge

11. The most significant innovation in education

12. Elaboration of knowledge

13. Learning in context

14. Building on prior knowledge

15. Evaluating learning outcomes

16. Appropiate learning strategies

17. Identifying human and material resources

18. Formulating learning goals

19. Diagnosis their learning needs

20. Individuals take the initiative

21. Process of learning

22. Skills of lifelong learning

23. Stages

24. Teacher's role

25. Self/peer evaluation