The Narcotic Farm in Lexington, KY

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The Narcotic Farm in Lexington, KY by Mind Map: The Narcotic Farm in Lexington, KY

1. Testing drugs on Inmates, Mentally Ill, as well as well voluntary patients

1.1. The CIA starting funding the Narcotic Farm in research for LSD studies

1.2. 1935 the the farm housed addicted men and women that hospital wouldn't treat and prisons didn't want

1.2.1. Women and Men could also admit themselves voluntarily, most volunteers could leave at will, but it would be against medical advice. Minors couldn't sign themselves out. Most came because they were in trouble, 1500 addicts most federal inmates, 1/3 were voluntary

2. Helped integrate some of the addicts back into society

2.1. Working, eating and sleeing

2.2. Some believed that if the farm really worked addicts wouldn't be back.

2.3. Believe to rehabilitate addicts.

3. Began by helping addicts get off drugs

3.1. With medical maintenance, no cold turkey

3.2. Believed that talking to the addicts was the best form of treatment.

3.3. Found out that psychoanalytic was not the best with addicts.

4. The shyphilis experiment

4.1. Told them they were being treated.

4.1.1. Most died.