The Internet and World Wide Web

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The Internet and World Wide Web by Mind Map: The Internet and World Wide Web

1. Evolution of the Internet

1.1. ARPANET in September 1969

1.2. 1984 ARPANET has more than 1,000 individual computers linked as hosts

1.3. 1986 NSF connects NSFnetto ARPANET and becomes known as the Internet1995NSFNetterminates

1.4. 1996 Internet2 is founded

1.5. TodayMore than 550 million hosts connect to the Internet

1.6. access provider

1.6.1. ISP(Internetserviceprovider)

1.6.2. nationwideOnline service provider (OSP)

1.6.3. Wireless Internet service provider (WISP)

1.7. IP address

1.7.1. a number that uniquely identifies each computer or device connected to the Internet

1.8. domain name

1.8.1. the text version of an IP address – Top‐level domain (TLD)

1.9. DNS server

1.9.1. translates the domain name into its associated IP address

2. The World Wide Web

2.1. Web site

2.2. Web 2.0

2.3. Web browser

2.3.1. Explorer Firefox Opera Safari Google Chrome

2.4. home page

2.4.1. the first page that a Web site displays

2.5. Web pages

2.5.1. a unique address called a URLor Web address

2.6. Tabbed browsing

2.6.1. allows you to open and view multiple Web pages in a single Web browser window

2.7. search tools

2.7.1. Search engine Finds information related to a specific topic search engine is helpful in locating items such as Images Videos Audio News Maps People or BusinessesBlogs

2.7.2. Subject directory Classifies Web pages in an organized set of categories

2.8. types of Web sites

2.8.1. Portal News Informational Business /Marketing Blog Wiki Online Social Network Educational Entertainment Advocacy Web Application Content Aggregator Personal

2.9. Multimedia

2.9.1. graphic BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF

2.9.2. Animation the appearance of motion created by displaying a series of still images in sequence

2.9.3. Audio \includes music, speech, or any other sound

2.9.4. Streaming the process of transferring data in a continuous and even flow

2.9.5. Video consists of full‐motion images that are played back at various speeds

2.9.6. Virtual reality(VR) the use of computers to simulate a real or imagined environment that appears as a three‐dimensional space

2.10. plug‐in

2.10.1. a program that extends the capability of a Web browser

2.11. Web publishing

2.11.1. the development and maintenance of Web pages

2.12. E‐commerce

2.12.1. a business transaction that occurs over an electronic network

2.13. E‐mail

2.14. e‐mail program

2.15. mailing list

2.15.1. a group of e‐mail names and addresses given a single name

2.15.2. Subscribing

2.15.3. Unsubscribing

2.16. Instant messaging

2.16.1. a real‐timeInternet communications service

2.16.2. A chatis a real‐time typed conversation that takes place on a computer

2.16.3. A chat roomis a location on an Internet server that permits users to chat with each other

2.17. VoIP

2.17.1. enables users to speak to other users over the Internet

2.18. FTP(File Transfer Protocol)

2.18.1. an Internet standard that permits file uploadingand downloading with other computers on the Internet