DYLID Product Exercises

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DYLID Product Exercises by Mind Map: DYLID Product Exercises

1. 1 Pick A Great Page Name

1.1. What consistent Problems or Challenges are your customers facing now

1.2. What are the top 3 biggest wants, needs, aspirations

1.3. What are the top 3 solutions you can provide to your customer right now?

2. Customize Your Page

2.1. 3 Create Content your Customers will Love

2.1.1. What types of Photo Content will your customers be most interested in

2.1.2. What Type of Media will best suit your customers, Video, Photos, text, audio, .pdf?

2.1.3. What will they be most motivated to Share

2.1.4. Split test and measure

2.1.5. Photo Stack on Facebook

3. How To Build Your Customer E-mail List

4. Section II - 4 Creating Viral Content

4.1. Using Social Proof

5. Login With Facebook

5.1. New node

5.2. Fan Gate

5.2.1. What your non-fans will see

5.2.2. What value will you provide to get a Like?

5.2.3. What will your fans see?

5.3. Using Facebook Connect

6. 5 The Article Stack

6.1. What topics of articles would your customers most like?

6.2. Where could you get free Content? How much could you write yourself?

6.3. Who could you partner with to get new content regularly?

7. 2 Polling Your Fans

7.1. What are 3 to 5 poll questions you could ask to find out what your customers really want?

7.2. What are your customers top Frustrations, Challenges that keep them up at night?

7.3. What do your customers want RIGHT NOW?

7.4. New node

8. 6 The Video Stack

8.1. What video Content would your customers most want to see? List 3-5 different catagories

8.2. How can you create this content yourself?

8.3. Where could you get other free content from?

8.4. How could you get your fans to submit videos to generate content for you?

9. Mind Map Your Page

10. Create Customer Avatar

10.1. New node

11. How to Create a Millionaire Mindset

12. Target your Niche

13. Drive Traffic to your Website

13.1. Drive Fans To Your Webiste

13.1.1. Photo Of The Day Photo Stack on Facebook

13.1.2. Comment Stack

14. content marketing

15. Landing Pages