IT Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies

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IT Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies by Mind Map: IT Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies

1. 5-1 What is IT infrastructure, and what are the stages and drivers of IT infrastructure evolution?

1.1. Defining IT Infrastructure

1.2. Evolution of IT Infrastructure

1.2.1. General-Purpose Mainframe and Minicomputer Era (1959 to Present)

1.2.2. Personal Computer Era (1981 to Present)

1.2.3. Client/Server Era (1983 to Present)

1.2.4. Enterprise Computing Era (1992 to Present)

1.2.5. Cloud and Mobile Computing Era (2000 to Present)

1.3. Technology Drivers of Infrastructure Evolution

1.3.1. Moore’s Law and Microprocessing Power

1.3.2. The Law of Mass Digital Storage

1.3.3. Metcalfe’s Law and Network Economics

1.3.4. Declining Communications Costs and the Internet

1.3.5. Standards and Network Effects

2. 5-2 What are the components of IT infrastructure?

2.1. Computer Hardware Platforms

2.2. Operating System Platforms

2.3. Enterprise Software Applications

2.4. Data Management and Storage

2.5. Networking/Telecommunications Platforms

2.6. Internet Platforms

2.7. Consulting and System Integration Services

3. 5-3 What are the current trends in computer hardware platforms?

3.1. The Mobile Digital Platform

3.2. Consumerization of IT and BYOD

3.3. Quantum Computing

3.4. Virtualization

3.5. Cloud Computing

3.5.1. • On-demand self-service • Ubiquitous network access • Location-independent resource pooling • Rapid elasticity • Measured service

3.5.2. • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) • Software as a service (SaaS) • Platform as a service (PaaS)

3.6. Green Computing

3.7. High-Performance and Power-Saving Processors

4. 5-4 What are the current computer software platforms and trends?

4.1. Linux and Open Source Software

4.1.1. Linux

4.2. Software for the Web: Java, HTML, and HTML5

4.2.1. HTML and HTML5

4.3. Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture

4.4. Software Outsourcing and Cloud Services

4.4.1. Software Packages and Enterprise Software

4.4.2. Software Outsourcing

4.4.3. Cloud-Based Software Services and Tools

4.4.4. Mashups and Apps

5. 5-5 What are the challenges of managing IT infrastructure and management solutions?

5.1. Dealing with Platform and Infrastructure Change

5.2. Management and Governance

5.3. Making Wise Infrastructure Investments

5.3.1. Total Cost of Ownership of Technology Assets

5.3.2. Competitive Forces Model for IT Infrastructure Investment • Market demand for your firm’s services • Your firm’s business strategy • Your firm’s IT strategy, infrastructure, and cost • Information technology assessment • Competitor firm services • Competitor firm IT infrastructure investments

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