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ThinkerToys by Mind Map: ThinkerToys

1. Group ThinkerToys

1.1. Brainstorming

1.2. Rice Storm (TKJ)

2. EndToys

2.1. Prioritizing (Worrywillie's guide)

2.2. Selection (Murder board)

2.3. Backbone

3. Initiation

3.1. Original spin

3.2. Mind pumping

3.3. Challenges

3.4. Thinkertoys

4. Linear ThinkerToys

4.1. Group A

4.1.1. Reversal (False faces)

4.1.2. Attribute listing (Slice 'n dice)

4.1.3. Fractionation (Cherry split)

4.1.4. Mind Mapping (Think bubbles)

4.1.5. Questions (SCAMPER) Substitute? Combine? Adopt? Modify? Magnify, maximize? Put to new use? Eliminate, simplify, minimize? Reverse? Rearrange?

4.2. Group B

4.2.1. Force-field analysis (Tug-of-War)

4.2.2. Morphological analysis (Idea box)

4.2.3. FCB grid (Idea grid) (H) Think-Feel (V): Involvement: High-Low

4.2.4. [Fishbone] Diagramming (The toothache tree)

4.2.5. [Checklist] Questions (Phoenix) Problem, Challenge Plan, Solution

4.2.6. [Key words, by Categories] Matrix (The great transpacific airline and Storm door company)

4.2.7. Future scenarios (Future fruit)

4.3. Group C

4.3.1. Random stimulation (Brutethink)

4.3.2. Forced connection (Hall of Fame, Circle of opportunity)

4.3.3. Pattern language (Ideatoons)

4.3.4. Talk to a stranger (Clever Trevor)

5. Intuitive ThinkerToys

5.1. Relaxation (Chilling out)

5.2. Intuition (Blue roses)

5.3. Incubation (The three Bs)

5.4. Analogies [stimulation] (Rattlesnakes and roses)

5.5. Fantasy questions (Stone soup)

5.6. Creative visualization (Color batch)

5.7. Dreams (Dreamscape)

5.8. Drawing [out stimulation] (Da Vinci's technique)

5.9. Hypnogogic [Simbolic] imagery [stimulation] (Dali's technique)

5.10. [Virtual, mental] Imagery, Imagination (not Kansas)

5.11. Psychosynthesis [Inner guidance?] (The shadow)

5.12. Hyeroglyphics [stimulation] (The book of the dead)