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TheRealizer by Mind Map: TheRealizer
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Step 1: Start theRealizer Tool Select theRealizer tool from the Tools menu. TheRealizer will appear as a panel on the right hand side. The main menu represents the steps in the creative process: a. Setup Map b. Define Challenge c. Generate Ideas d. Prioritize Step 2: Setup Map Click the "> Setup Map" menu. Click on "Add start topics" to add start branches Note: there are 6 types of challenges (with corresponding Pre-defined lists, see Step 3 below): General Product Development Marketing Sales Organizational Individual Step 3: Define Challenges Click the "> Define challenge" menu. Click on "Enter challenges" to enter your challenge Use predefined challenges or "Challenge inspiration" for efficient workflow Click "Mark challenge as selected" to choose what challenge to work on Step 4: Generate Ideas Click the "> Generate Ideas" menu Click on "Enter New Ideas" to enter your ideas Click on "Idea Impulses" to get NEW ideas The Idea Impulses cards will inspire you to pattern breaking thinking Step 5: Prioritize Click the "> Prioritize" menu Click on "Sorting Diagram" Drag your ideas and place them at, what you feel, is the correct position Ideas will be presented with their ranking based on position in the diagram Click on "Add sorting branches" and move your ranked ideas to the appropriate branch Click on "Add concept branches" for an idea you want to refine further and answer the questions for respective concept branch

Setup Map

Define Challenge

This is where you make sure you work on the correct challenge/problem. Workflow A. Formulate the problem/challenge you are about to solve B. Present it as a crisp and inspiring challenge C. Prepare a number of alternative ways to describe the challenge/problem D. Use Idea Cards for inspiration and/or E. Use Pre-pared Challenges as a starting point F. Select challenge to work on by clicking the [Mark Challenge] Usage Use the [Enter Challenge] for fast entry or add a new sub-branch for each alternative challenge.

Initial challenge statement


Product, How can we create a completely new product?, How can we make our existing product 10 times better?, How can we make our products extremely profitable?, How can we create a product that customers love?, How can we make the product the easiest to use?, How can we create a product that customers feel good about?, How can we improve product development?, How can we reach a new user group?, How can we sell additional products to existing users?, How can we add services to existing products?, How can we speed up product development by 5 times?

Marketing, How can we create a superb marketing campaign?, How can we get someone else to pay for our marketing?, How can we benefit from other company's marketing, How can we guarantee that everyone see our campaign, How can the marketing make customer buy without selling efforts?, How can we make people aware of our product without marketing, How can we make marketing where we never done it before?, How can we make the worst marketing ever?, How can we create a marketing campaign that young people talk about?, How can a marketing campaign inspire to collaboration?, How can our marketing effort talk to all senses?

Sales, How can we sell more than we ever done?, How can we sell more to existing customers?, How can we make the customer buy more?, How can we close all deals this month?, How can we sell to a customer type we never sold to?, How can we get customers to pay more?, How can we get customers to buy more from us?, How can we get the salespeople feel good?, How can we visit 10 times more customers?, How can we have fun together with customers?, How can we visit 3 customers at the same time?, How can we inspire customers to visit us?, How can we get repeat sales with no effort?, How can we establish ambassadors?, How can we make price a none decision-criteria?

Organization, How can we be more innovative?, How can we create better meetings?, How can we improve communications?, How can we communicate easier to customers?, How can we make creativity sustainable?, How can we have more fun at work?, How can we get leaders to be more visible?, How can we get people to live the mission?, How can we get improved understanding?, How can we reach all employees prompt?, How can we increase communication cross groups?, How can we make people strive for perfection?, How can we make people remember our strategies?, How can we create awareness for exploring new business opportunities?

Individual, How can I get perfect balance in my life?, How can I make sure I reach my goals?, How can I get things done?, How can I increase my income?, How can I improve my health, How can I get better at networking?, How can I learn something from a colleague everyday?, How can I learn twice as fast?, How can I get other people to feel good?, How can I guarantee to get in shape?, How can I get other people to do my job?, How can I get other people to love my work?, How can I get twice as much done next month?, How can I meet new people?, How can I get my family to feel good?, How can I find a surprising giveaway?, How can I connect to old friends?, How can I improve my meeting skills?, How can I build my internal reputation?, How can I get acquainted with upper management?, How can I get organized?, How can I strengthen my marriage?

Challenge inspiration

Important or Not, How can you describe the problem to make it fun working with?, How can you describe your problem in a more exciting way?, Use words like SUPERB, FANTASTIC, WORLD CLASS instead of better, bigger, etc.

Ask Why, Why is it a Problem to you?, What motivates you to solve the problem?, Why does it have to be solved?

Solve the right problem, Are you solving the correct problem?, Can you divide it into several sub-problems?, If you reverse the problem, what shall you then solve?


This is where you try to put yourself in a Creative Mode. Workflow Combine the 2 "unrelated" words you are presented to get new ideas Click the [New Words] for new combinations Use the Enter Ideas menu for fast entry

Enter new Idea


Random Words, Pen - Building, Phone - Parking, Shoe - Medicine, Bike - Table, Paper - Lamp, Stapler - Lock, Clock - Bottle, CD - Post-it, Camera - Door, Ball - Aero plane

Generate Ideas

This is where you collect your New and Creative ideas. Workflow 1. Initially register all ideas based on Your knowledge & experience, what you already know 2. Register your New ideas originating from "crazy-thinking" 3. Use the creativity tools (e.g. the Idea Cards) for inspiration and provocation 4. Describe your ideas in one focused sentence Usage Use the Enter New Ideas menu for fast entry or add new sub-branch for each idea

Enter new Idea

Idea Impulses

What's the pattern, What solution gives structure, what solution gives chaos?, How did you solve similar challenges?, What is the most important thing about the challenge?, How would someone else solve it?, What is the repeating pattern in the challenge?

Do as a child, What if the problem was a game?, How can it be solved in a sandbox?, How would a six year old solve it?, What would a teenager say about your problem?, How can LEGO bricks be used to solve the problem?, What would you like the solution to be?, What if the problem was a game?

How is it solved by nature?, What ideas from nature can you use to solve the problem?, What ideas will a growing tree give you?, What can you learn from how elephants solve their problems?, What can you learn from how birds solve their problems?, What ideas will you get from an insect's way of living?, What ideas do you get from a river running?, What ideas will you get from the conditions under water?, What can you learn from how ants solve their problems?, What ideas will you get from co-operations in nature?, What can you learn from how snakes solve their problems?, What can you learn from how cats solve their problems?, What do animals do that you could use to solve your problem?, What ideas will a growing tree give you?

New impulses give new ideas, What solutions are hidden in this week's e-mail?, What ideas are broadcasted on the radio?, What impulses can you get from a close friend?, What impulses would you get from today's morning newspaper?

What would others do?, What ideas will a fireman provide?, How would a basketball coach solve your problem?, How would a salesperson solve your problem?, How would a Nurse solve the problem?, What ideas will your neighbor provide?, What would an actress do if presented with this problem?, How would a postman solve your problem?

Use metaphors, What solutions do you find if you compared it to a phone?, What solutions do you find if you compared it with a wrench?, What solutions do you find if you compared it with riding a bike?, What solutions do you find if you compared it to a loudspeaker?, What solutions do you find if you compared it with building a house?, What solutions do you find if you compared it to broadcasting radio?, What solutions do you find if you compared it with driving a car?

Do the obvious, How can a company nearby help you?, What resources do you have that haven't been used?, What is right in front of you that you could use?, Who could you ask today and what would they say?, What would someone you meet every day solve it?

Change your perspective, What ideas can your best friend offer?, What comments will you get from the man in the street?, What ideas will a global perspective provide?, How will it be solved 10 years from now?, What does it look like from behind?, What answers can your customers provide?

Change the order, What parts can you rearrange or exclude to solve it?, What happens if you didn't have to wait at any stage?, What would happen if you did the last thing first?, What steps can you add that will eliminate other steps?, What can you exchange or replace?, What would happen if you reverse the order?

What do you know?, What similar problems have you discussed recently?, What does this problem reminds you of?, What similar things have you heard about?, What files do you have on your computer that might contain a solution?

Exaggerate, What if your product was free of charge?, What if you could spend 3 years solving the problem?, What solutions are small enough to fit in your pocket?, What if your product were 10 times faster?, What if your product was 10 times its size?, What if one part of your product was 10 times bigger?

Be crazy, What is the worst solution you can think of?, What is the craziest thing you can do?

Random Images

Random Words

round, researcher, bathroom, hard, lime, bookshelf, designed, noisy, fast, carpet, senior citizen, steamed, elastic, lavender, professional cleaner, start, happy, refine, flexible, married, hairy, secure, yellow, striped, filter, short, balanced, soft, freedom, conductive, organized, shiny, smooth, hybrid, dynamic, compressed, steering, carried, powerful, children, small shop, wall, expensive, spiritual, tile, camera, smiling, maximum, use, collecting, metallic, convenient, steady, kind, breathing, lid, window, aggressive, apartment, optional, presentation, compromise, attaching, advanced, proud, intuitive, wooden, boy, yearly, generation, man, pearl, moist, robust, right hand, prestige, transparent, sunny, tiny, bag, antique, firm, flower, quality, optimistic, frail, velvet, greasy, converter, mental, screening, garage, written, radiator, double handed, bottleneck, bottom, basic, cleaning lady, plush, opposite, left hand, rinsing, spicy, cage, woman, painted, winning, cold, glass, toilet, micro fiber, individual, square, graphical, obstructed, door step, logical, full, sober, frosty, tank, sweet, seldom, systematic, enjoyable, family, blue, removed, unknown, silent, control, clever, visible, cloudy, long, honest, pump, mixture, tiles ,busy, gum, functional, child, single handed, often, inspired, straight, bold, narrow, slim, turbulence, couple, loud, reduced, laminar, excellent, easy, sponge, ambidextrous, green, winter, stupid, weak, drunk, social, open, velcro, easygoing, parquet, measuring, quiet, polish, breeze, bicycling, monthly, human, cottage, confident, strained, teacher, effective, joined, domestic, red, basket, placement, acting, big, carbon, methodical, sloppy, marking, summer, hygienic, electrical, spontaneous, hidden, wrinkled, noiseless, handling, driven, air, aluminum, hole, sprayed, wool, adapted, water-jug, optimal, brown, dirt, sun, dentist office, loaded, extrovert, daily, flexible, light, stair case, parking, careful, handy, diamond, modular, rotating, double, comfortable, cheap, continuously, dad, nice, sealed, smart, cascade, visual, brush, surface, follower, released, floating, cover, open minded, wheel, stroller, tool, storage, sensitive, loving, policeman, controller, loyal, watch, nylon, transformer, user interface, leader, lukewarm, natural, edgy, thorough, caring, minimum, safe, blind, mild, foam, turbo, supermarket, cup, absorbent, ion, bedside, movable, ...

Prioritize and Select

This is where you Prioritize and select ideas to develop. Workflow 1. Use the Sorting diagram menu to compare different kinds of ideas Note: there are 4 sorting options: Creativity/Realism Effort/Impact Opportunity/Threat Competitive/Costly 2. Reorganize the ideas by using the Add sorting branches menu: Do it: ideas that should be implemented. Develop further: ideas that have to be developed further before we can decide what to do with them Give away: ideas that are not useful to us, but to someone else Save: ideas that should be implemented, but not right now Throw: ideas that already exists and there is nothing new to them 3. Refine and develop ideas by using the Add concept branches menu: What"s new: What parts about the idea are really new? The benefits: What are the benefits for the customer or receiver of the idea? Primary target: What are the primary targets for the idea? How to make money: How will you make money of the idea, What arguments should you use to sell the idea? Slogan: Add a selling slogan Usage Select the ideas you want to compare by marking them in your MindMap.

Prioritize ideas

Sort by Creativity/Realism

Sort by Effort/Impact

Sort by Opportunity/Threat

Sort by Competitive/Costly

Reallocate ideas in sorting groups

Do it

Develop further

Give away



Add concept branches

What's new

The benefits

Primary target

How to make money