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Enter DApp by Mind Map: Enter DApp

1. Create Auction

1.1. Auction Details {Title + Description} {Start Date/Time} {End Date/Time} {Category} {3 Maximum Tags}

1.1.1. Conditions Setting {NO Conditions OK} {ONLY Participation Conditions OK} {BOTH Entry AND Participation Conditions OK} Entry Conditions {Can VIEW Auction Activities} {Can NOT Bid/Participate} Condition Setting Participation Conditions {Satisfies Entry} {Can VIEW Auction Activities} {CAN Bid/Participate} Condition Setting

2. Browse/Enter Auctions [Auction with NO Conditions Have Complete Summaries] [Auctions with Entry Conditions Have Partial Summaries = ONLY the Title, Description and Image Will Be Visible]

2.1. No Conditions

2.1.1. Enter Auction {Can View Everything} {Can Bid/Participate}

2.2. Only Participation Conditions

2.2.1. Enter Auction {Can Participate if Satisfied Participation Conditions}

2.3. Entry + Participation Conditions

2.3.1. {Can Enter Auction if Satisfied Entry Conditions} {Can Participate if Satisfied Participation Conditions}

3. List Items

3.1. Item Category/Type

3.1.1. Item Details {Item Title + Description} {Item Location} {Optional: Set Reserve} {Image} NOT COMPULSORY; These "proofing oracles" are optional to use, to a seller to try to add credibility to his/her items and auction. Clicks "Next" or whatever..., code should then dynamically serve the blockchain oracles "proof" options as follows: IF