Basic programming terminology

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Basic programming terminology by Mind Map: Basic programming terminology

1. computer program

1.1. hardware

1.1.1. application software system software the logic behind computer programm

2. machine language

2.1. machine code

2.1.1. low-level programming language high-programming language syntax error

3. program statements

3.1. similar to English words

4. commands

4.1. orders to the computer

4.1.1. output

4.2. l

4.2.1. procedural and object Oriented programming concept

5. computer programm

5.1. interpreter or complier

5.1.1. translates the entire program executing the programm

6. syntax error

6.1. miss use of the language

6.1.1. debugging a program

6.2. logic error

6.2.1. a bug allowing a program to run

6.3. sementic errors

7. procedural programming

7.1. style of programming

7.1.1. variable named computer locations

8. classes, objects and encapsulation

8.1. class describe attributes which are properties

8.1.1. encapsulation ,two closely related object

9. java programming language

9.1. architecturally neutra

9.1.1. java virtual machine source code bytecode

9.2. development environment

9.2.1. javainterpreter WORA

10. Java program types

10.1. Apples

10.1.1. java applications windowed applications