E&I Instagram Plan

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E&I Instagram Plan by Mind Map: E&I Instagram Plan

1. Target Audience

1.1. Aspiring & Practicing entrepreneurs

1.2. Between the ages of 16 & 50

1.3. Covers a diverse range of individuals interested in entrepreneurship across a variety of industries.

2. Post Time & Day

2.1. Option 1

2.1.1. Posts scheduled for the most engaging days and times across all of instagram. Wednesday @ 3pm Thursday @ 11am Friday @ 8am

2.2. Option 2

2.2.1. Balanced Approach = 3 post through the week at times our followers are most engaged. Monday @ time 1 Wedensday @ time 2 Friday @ time 3

2.3. Option 3

2.3.1. A/B test every day of the week across a variety of suggested times and create posting strategy based off the collected data.

2.4. *NOTE: We can scale up the number of post/options after we have formulated a solid foundation.

3. KPI's

3.1. Option 1 = Growth

3.1.1. Feed post impressions

3.1.2. Hashtag Impressions

3.1.3. Follower Count

3.1.4. Profile Visits

3.1.5. Reach

3.2. Option 2 = Community Development



3.2.3. Engagment Rates

3.2.4. DM's

3.2.5. Follower Stability

3.3. Option 3 = Business Growth

3.3.1. Webstie Clicks

3.3.2. Emails

3.3.3. Profile Visits


3.4. *NOTE:Pick one option to focus on and create content geared toward the chose KPI goal set.

4. Content Collection & Approval.

4.1. Step 1

4.1.1. Generate a detailed list of any "features" and send it off to go through the approval process. Once approved in full move on to step 2. If not approved in full iterate until it is by repeating this step.

4.2. Step 2

4.2.1. Spend 2 weeks or less creating all the content for an entire month. ***Ensure all design and visual templates were pre approved along with and in step 1

4.3. Step 3

4.3.1. Schedule all created content in week 3 of said month.

4.4. Step 4

4.4.1. Use last week of said month to restart the process associated with step one.

4.5. *NOTE: 1 month weekly breakdown. WK1= Create content designs, templates and feature list then submit for approval. WK2 = Create all content. WK3 = Schedule all content. WK4 = Deal with any issues or move on to creating for the next month. Always be at least 1 if not 2 months ahead.

5. Content Type

5.1. Use competition visuals with ASU branding to make people aware of any and all entrepreneur related competitions.

5.2. Post Option 1

5.2.1. Venture Feature (VF) Ventures featured are both from ASU and all of Arizona Collect first at demo day then bi weekly through E+I sponsored social media competition. Information for feature both on social and the blog is collected by forms filled out by the ventures . We email them the form or they do it willingly because of the competition.

5.2.2. Visual content = professional photo or logo with ASU branding applied

5.3. Post Option 2

5.3.1. Program Awareness (PA) Showcases various entrepreneur related programs and resources at ASU

5.3.2. Visual Content = Beautiful eye catching icon that represents the program...maybe even animated icon that moves.

5.4. Post Option 3

5.4.1. Lessons in Entrepreneurship (LIE) Use visuals to represent the most important parts of the lessons taught in the ASU entrepreneurship videos. Is also evergreen content...many posts could be reused after a year.

5.4.2. Visual content = photo album with 5 or more post that address key point from ASU ENT vids.

5.5. Post Option 4

5.5.1. Competition of the Week (COW)

5.5.2. Visual Content = single post with competition visuals and detail formatted to asu brand.

5.6. Bonus Post

5.6.1. Any events or other promotions.