American Revolution

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American Revolution by Mind Map: American Revolution

1. Government

1.1. Sept. 5, 1774: 1st Continental Congress

1.2. May 10, 1775:2nd Continental Congress

1.2.1. Video:

1.3. Nov. 7,1775:Dunmore's Proclamation

2. Wars

2.1. The French and Indian War: 5-28-1754

2.1.1. VIDEO:

2.2. Lexington and Concord: April 16, 1775

2.3. Battle of Bunker Hill: June 17, 1775


2.4. Battle of Long Island: August 27, 1776

3. Legal acts

3.1. 1765 Stamp Acts

3.1.1. VIDEO:

3.2. 1763: Treaty of Paris ends the French and Indian War

3.3. 1766: Stamp Act repealed, on the same day that Parliament passes a law stating they can bind the colonies in law

3.4. Tea Party Video:

4. Icons

4.1. January 1775: Thomas Paine's Common Sense published. It becomes an instant bestseller and pushes the colonies closer to independence.

4.2. July 1777: John Burgoyne led a British force that defeats Fort Ticonderoga, an American base.

4.3. 1760: King George III ascends to the throne of England, and does many things that angers the colonists; he basically starts the American Revolution.