American Revolution

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American Revolution by Mind Map: American Revolution

1. Government

1.1. In 1775 George Washington issues his first orders as Commander in Chief


1.3. In 1735 the Great Awakening brought many colonists to the point of questioning the British rule leading to colonists rebelling against the British.

2. Laws

2.1. Proclamation of 1763 forbade colonists to settle past the Appalachian Mountain Range

2.2. In 1765 The Parliament passed the Stamp Act which forced very document, including books and playing cards to be stamped to show that the tax had been paid.

2.3. In 1773 Many colonists dressed up as Indians and broke into British ships pouring all the tea out from the ships as an act of defiance caused by the Tea Act

2.4. Townshend Act - 1767 - A series of laws enacted by the Parliament strengthened enforcement of colonists trade

3. War

3.1. 1763- Britain and France signed the Treaty of Paris ending the French and Indian War giving the colonies more land.

3.2. In 1754 the French and Indian War began.


3.3. In 1763 Ottawa Indian tribe led by Pontiac attacked every British settlement past the Appalachians, then surrounded the remaining forts.

4. Ideas

4.1. 1754- Benjamin Franklin proposed the Albany Plan of Union which was the idea of forming a union between all of the colonies

4.1.1. New node

4.2. In the mid-1730s there was a great movement inspired by religion. It was called the Great Awakening. This movement brought religion back to being the center of colonists' lives after it had become a distant thing

4.3. The Enlightenment began in Europe and spread its way to the colonies in the 1700s. It brought a new sense that stressed the importance of education, most importantly science and reason. The Enlightenment was a counter to the Great Awakening which struck fear on colonists.