Trust and Safety

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Trust and Safety by Mind Map: Trust and Safety

1. Merchant

1.1. Self-Buying

1.1.1. Merchant Purchases

1.1.2. Possible Self-Buying (Repeat PayPal ID)

1.1.3. Self-Buying Monitoring (US Shipping/China IP/PayPal ID)

1.1.4. Promo Abuse 0219

1.2. Suspended Merchants Tracking

1.2.1. Disabled Merchants

1.2.2. Fraud Infraction Monitoring

1.3. Weekly Tracking Reports

1.3.1. High Refund Merchants China BD

1.3.2. High Refund Merchants EU/BD West

1.3.3. High Value Self Buying China BD

1.3.4. High Value Self Buying CN/EU BD & BD West

1.3.5. High Value Self Buying EU/BD West

1.3.6. High Velocity Refunds

1.3.7. High Web Percentage

1.3.8. Login Country Monitoring

1.3.9. Merchant G/I Dashboard

1.3.10. Merchant Hypergrowth China BD

1.3.11. Merchant Hypergrowth EU/BD West

1.3.12. New Merchant Accounts

2. ATO

2.1. ATO Prevention

3. User Retention

3.1. HRUR Monitoring

3.2. Consumer Fraud Monitoring (Bad Users)

3.3. User Experience Unblock Experiments