Role of a Teacher

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Role of a Teacher by Mind Map: Role of a Teacher

1. Parental involvement

1.1. Family wellbeing

2. Classroom

2.1. Duty of care

2.1.1. Foster student relationships

2.1.2. Mutual trust Safe space learning environments

2.2. Parental involvement

2.2.1. Family wellbeing

2.2.2. Parental experiences and knowledge that may help, encourage and foster engaged students

2.3. Experiences and Knowledge

2.3.1. Content knowledge

2.3.2. Pedagogical knowledge

2.3.3. Pedagogical content knowledge

2.3.4. Utilise various aspects of previous or outside experience and knowledge

2.4. Development & Learning

2.4.1. Adaption and versitility

2.4.2. Coordination and management

2.4.3. Ongoing personal education/professional development

2.4.4. Creativity and innovation

3. Wider Community

3.1. Cultural awareness

3.1.1. Having an awareness of the diversity within the broader community

3.1.2. Drawing on the diversity and engaging in these aspects of the community

3.2. Participation

3.2.1. Actively being involved in various aspects of the community e.g. sport teams, voluntering

4. School Community

4.1. Cultural awareness

4.1.1. What are the defining cultural elements specific to the school

4.1.2. Lean into and utilise the diversity within the school community including teachers in different faculties, various members of staff etc.

4.2. Participation

4.2.1. Be immersive within the school community, participate in the extra curricula's and engage both students and staff outside of specific faculty

4.2.2. Duty of care to colleges and all members of the community

4.2.3. Parental involvement

4.3. Development

4.3.1. Professional development and improvement or career opportunities

4.3.2. Ongoing school support for individual teachers

4.3.3. Collaboration across faculties

5. Faculty (TAS) Community

5.1. Development and learning

5.1.1. Collaboration between faculty staff

5.1.2. Creativity and innovation sharing

5.1.3. Support for professional and career opportunities

5.1.4. Support for advances within teaching and faculty specific updates such as new technologies

5.2. Experiences and knowledge

5.2.1. Creativity and innovation

5.2.2. Adaption and versitility

5.2.3. Coordination and management

5.3. Ongoing personal education/professional development