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Easy Guide for Comprehensive Program Reviews by Mind Map: Easy Guide for Comprehensive Program Reviews
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Easy Guide for Comprehensive Program Reviews

Fast-tracking the comprehensive program reviews in 2011-12 means completing all the required learning assessments plus the comprehensive review elements, all by June, 2012. The goal is to bring HPU back into compliance with the University’s program review schedule.Deans/Asst-Assoc Deans are asked to lead and support department/program chairs on the work to be completed by ensuring that the teams are set up the teams for each review. T

Team Member Set-Up

One person or team should lead learning assessments and one person/team should lead the rest of the program review. MCP CALs should be included where appropriate. On-going support provided from Dr. Hedlund and Dr. Schull @ HOU.

Program Description/Goals/Relevance to HPU Mission

Analysis of Student Learning

Program SWOT Analysis

Analysis of Program Enrollments/Majors

Analysis of Program Capacity: Curriculum, Faculty, Resources


Quality of Teaching and Learning Program Status

Major Educational Improvements

Overall Program Analysis/Future Plans

External Review