Slavery in Brazil

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Slavery in Brazil by Mind Map: Slavery in Brazil

1. Role of government accounting and tax

1.1. Theoretical Framework

1.1.1. Historical institution Social Economic Political behavior

1.1.2. Institutional logics Individuals Institutions Organisations

1.1.3. Ideology Legitimation Dissimulation Unification Fragmentation Reification

2. De-reify

2.1. Pressure from Great Britain (19th century)

2.1.1. European immigration To end illegal slavery

3. Self reinforcing & reactive consequences

3.1. Levy taxes on slaves traded

3.1.1. Tax paid

3.1.2. Revenue & expenses

3.1.3. Accounting

3.1.4. Single entry

4. Reify

4.1. History (1531-1888)

4.1.1. Slaves from Africa Treated as objects King’s will Natural Develop economy in Brazil Labour storage Under supply of indeginous labour Revenue raising mechanism