Level of living organization

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Level of living organization by Mind Map: Level of living organization

1. Cells

1.1. All living things are made of cells

1.2. Cells are the basic unit and structure of function in living things

1.3. All cells come from preexisting cells

2. Organism

2.1. The whole body is organism that works together.

2.2. Cells come together to form an organism

2.3. Cells are the basic structures of all living organisms

3. Organs

3.1. Your organs work together to form organ systems

3.2. Your organs are made up of different kinds

3.3. The human body has five vital organs, essential for living

4. Organ system

4.1. Organ systems are when two or more organs come together to perform a function in your body

4.2. organ systems in the human body include the immune system and the lymphatic system

4.3. Each organ system does a particular job in the body

5. Tissues

5.1. In your body you have bone tissue, lung tissue, and stomach tissue

5.2. Tissues come together to form organs

5.3. Tissue is a group of similar cells developed in the same part of the embryo.

6. Organelles

6.1. Made up of chemical groupings

6.2. Organelles are tiny organ like things that are in cells

6.3. Organelles can not live outside of cells

7. Macromolecule

7.1. A macromolecule is molecules combined with other molecules and more atoms

7.2. One example of a macro molecule is a liquid or fat molecule

7.3. A macromolecule is made of more than one bonded molecule

8. Molecule

8.1. Molecules are made up of atoms

8.2. Molecules have many different shapes and sizes

8.3. A molecule is an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds

9. Atom

9.1. The first level of the body's system is atoms which is a chemical level.

9.2. They combine together to form molecules

9.3. They make up every material thing in the universe, including our body