levels of organization for life

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levels of organization for life by Mind Map: levels of organization for life

1. atom

1.1. smallest constituent unit of matter

1.1.1. Can form together composed of protons,neutrons,and electrons

2. macromolecule

2.1. larger than a molecule

2.1.1. made of thousands of atoms They can form carbohydrate

3. organelles

3.1. make protein

3.1.1. they can be a nucleaus they do bot have any bacterial cells in them

4. cells

4.1. they are the smallest unit of life

4.1.1. They contain a lot of biomolecules They are also the basic builing blocks of life

5. tissues

5.1. they are an esemble of similar cells

5.1.1. they have a specific function the cells are in the same origin

6. organs

6.1. collections of tissue

6.1.1. these tissues have the same function as other tissues in the organs there are five vital organs

7. organsystem

7.1. it is a group of organs

7.1.1. they are made up of certain tissue there are 11 organsytems

8. organism

8.1. can be multicellular

8.1.1. and also can be uncellular they can reproduce and grow

9. molecules

9.1. there support that holds them up or keeps them together is chemical bonds

9.1.1. Molecule make up solids,liquid,and gasses which include different salt,sugar,water ice,dry ice,glass,rock,metalsand wood The electrical group has two atoms