levels of organization for life

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levels of organization for life by Mind Map: levels of organization for life

1. organ system (2)

1.1. animals and humans have a organ system

1.2. this happens when two or more organs are working together

1.3. they make up the digestive system

2. organs (3)

2.1. has to do with you resportory system

2.2. makes up lunges

2.3. made up of tissue that come together and have a specific function

3. tissues (4)

3.1. a group of cells

3.2. slin is tissue

3.3. also the cells that make up your hart

4. cells (5)

4.1. made up of organells

4.2. makes up every living thing

4.3. they are the structure and function in all living things.

5. organelles (6)

5.1. bonded macroeconomics

5.2. create the cells of organs

5.3. make up the cell membrain

6. macromolecules (7)

6.1. more than one bonding molecule

6.2. an example lipid or fat molecules

7. molecules (8)

7.1. made when more than one elements bond together it creates a molecule

7.2. water is a molecual

7.3. an example is water (H2O)

8. Atom (9)

8.1. they are the smallest unit of matter

8.2. made up of three subatomic partials

9. organisms (1)

9.1. organisms make up the population

9.2. an example of a organism is a human

9.3. all organisms live in a ecosystem