Athletic shoes

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Athletic shoes by Mind Map: Athletic shoes

1. Air Max

1.1. It was released by Nike in 1987

1.1.1. But it was first wear in 1985

1.2. You can see a lot of people around with them

1.2.1. Price was 65 dollars in 1985

2. Jordans

2.1. You can use i as sports shoes

2.2. You can dress with jordans

2.2.1. The shoes jordan first came out in 1985

3. Air Force 1

3.1. The shoe was made by a man name Bruce Kilgore

3.1.1. Air Force 1 was released in 1986 And air force 1 was used as basketball shoes

4. Kyrie

4.1. Kyrie was made when he started hitting good shots .Mainly by being a good player.

4.1.1. The shoe came out in 2014 They were called kyrie 1

5. Lebron

5.1. Lebron was made when they found out that he was a good basketball player

5.1.1. The shoes first came out in 2003-2004 It was called the Air Zoom Generation

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