All-Star Cheerleading

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All-Star Cheerleading by Mind Map: All-Star Cheerleading

1. The Goal Of ASC

1.1. Many cheerleaders get excited about competitions such as Worlds and Summit. Gaining a title and receiving trophies would also be others' goals. To do so, they have to compete their very best.

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2. The Cheerleaders

2.1. ASC consists of girls and boys. Both are needed in such a sport like this. The cheerleaders work on their core strength. skills, and abilities to make the routine come fully together.

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3. What Is ASC

3.1. ASC is a sport where cheerleaders compete for a gym. They preform a routine composed of several tricks. Its also a way to meet new people, improve your abilities, and be creative.

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4. ASC Competitons

4.1. The routine that they have been practicing is now to be shown to other teams and judges. These competitions are most likely out of the state, or many hours away.

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5. ASC Practices

5.1. ASC practicing is usually most of the week. They do practice regularly to get their routine exact. Practice leads up to a competition day, where then they also practice practice before they their performance.

5.1.1. Cheerleaders prep for hours in search of 2½ minutes of perfection