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CANDY by Mind Map: CANDY

1. Candy is a sweet food made with syrup combined with fruit, chocolate , and nuts

2. I chose this topic because it is interesting to me to see where we get our candy from an who made it

3. Hard candy. While the British called such confection sweet we came to call it candy Made of sugar although one find candy in English as early as fifteenth century. caramels were known in the Early eighteenth century and lollipop by the 1780s

4. candy Calories Fun size M&M 81 Reese's peanut butter cup 105 Fun size snickers 85 Fun size starburst 43 Fun size kit kat 73 Fun size twix 75

5. The chewy candy originated in Germany, where it is popular under the name gummibar or gummibarchen

6. Chocolate is a usually sweet,brown food preparationRoasted and ground cacao is made in the for of a liquid

7. I pick these three topic because who doesn't like theses types of candy from the old age people has been eating and making candy it has been happening for as long as they can remember

8. Candy History - Invention and Facts about Candy