Track & Field

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Track & Field by Mind Map: Track & Field

1. Throwing

1.1. In throwing you can chose to do javelin. Javelin includes throwing a lightweight arrow the farthest.

1.2. You can also do shot put in which you throw a heavy metal ball far.

1.3. Or you can throw hammer. It isn't actually a hammer, but it's very heavy.

2. Jumping

2.1. In track you can do the long jump where you run and jump the farthest.

2.2. If you do the triple jump you kind of do a hot before you jump into the pit.

2.3. If you do the high jump you have to jump over a bar the highest.

3. Hurdles

3.1. You have to have the right form.

3.2. If you hit a hurdle your time will be slower.

3.3. In hurdles you jump over them and try not to hit them.

4. Relay Races

4.1. In relay races everyone runs the same amount of distance.

4.2. You have to pass a baton in relay races.

4.3. Relay races included 4 people.

5. Pole Vault

5.1. In pole vault you use a long flexbile pole.

5.2. You have to use the pole to help you get over a bar.

5.3. You have 3 tries.