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Cheerleading by Mind Map: Cheerleading

1. Stunts

1.1. incorporating stunts adds excitement to a cheer routine.

1.2. Stunts add excitement into your routine, even small ones.

1.3. Some stunts can be difficult to bring your score up and easy ones will keep you safe from deductions.

2. Dancing

2.1. The dance is usually saved for last in a cheerleading routine.

2.2. A dance section in a routine usually has very loud background noises, and goes with the dance moves.

2.3. judges are looking for transitions, level changes, energy, all of the things listed above, but they are also looking for one more thing… fun!

3. Jumps

3.1. Jumps are usually somewhere after your main stunt.

3.2. Jumps are also used to show cheerleaders strength and flexibility.

3.3. There is a variety of jumps and creative flexible moves you can do to impress the judges.

4. Tumbling

4.1. Most girls or boys do a tumbling pass down the middle or across the mat.

4.2. The tumbling pass you have might choose what team you would be put on.

4.3. A whole section of your routine will be tumbling because it gives you more points!

5. Pryamid

5.1. combining lifts, poses and dismounts you can create a very nice visual pyramid type thing.

5.2. Usally the high flyer will do all the tricks and flips in the air.

5.3. Right after the routine the dance would most likely be after.